So I’m not dead.


It’s me.

(Thank you, Adele, for those amazingly inspirational lyrics.)

Contrary to what I’m sure you assumed over the past year or so, I am not dead and I have not fallen off the edge of the world. I wish I had some exhilarating and truly magical and rare story about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. I wish I had battle wounds to play up or a new mysterious confidant I met in some random corner of my neck of the woods.

But I can’t.

Instead, I spent this past year . . . living. While writing is my profession, being an author is not my full-time job. Sorry to be this way, but the ability to pay bills and keep a roof over my family’s head comes before spending time in my fictional worlds. I know, how terribly adultish of me.

I also had a baby in 2015. Yep, there is now an entire person in our house who wasn’t here 12 months ago. (That reality still blows my mind on a loop.) While I didn’t have a difficult pregnancy by any means, it still took quite a bit out of me. Creative writing and thinking does not come easily to one’s mind when they are seriously contemplating which is more valuable: taking a nap or making dinner. A strange mindset to be in for the better part of a year, for sure.

Now that our little guy is here, he and I have come to an agreement on some semblance of a schedule. He knows that Mom is dying to get back to these characters that he (somewhat) caused to be sidelined, and he is attempting to be understanding.

So where do we go from here? Well, I have a book to release. You may remember. The Imaginary? Yeah . . . after sitting around for a year, it’s dying to get out and meet everyone.

I am also buckling down and starting my Book 3 outline for The Imago Trilogy. I’m excited to get back to this series, but it’s also an incredibly daunting task.

To those of you who have been waiting patiently, I sincerely thank you. I promise your faithfulness will not go unrewarded.

Again: I’m totally alive.


The Mirror Stage is available now on Amazon.

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